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With our simple and most successful study program you pass your CBR Car theory exam for Sure!

We guarantee success!

Our Program includes
Full Theory Package €99

With this package You will Pass for Sure!

Auto Theorie cursus Engels One-day Theory Courses in Roterdam
Auto Theorie cursus Engels Exam oriented training
Auto Theorie cursus Engels 50 Online Exams
Auto Theorie cursus Engels 3250 Practising Questions
Auto Theorie cursus Engels Access to Online Zoom Course
Auto Theorie cursus Engels Summary of the Theory Book
Auto Theorie cursus Engels Guide: Pass your CBR exam
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We guarantee succes
No succes = money back:

We are so sure about our quality that we guarentee succes.

If you passed 7 of the 10 last made exams at our online exams and you fail the CBR Exam then:

We will pay your new CBR exam.

If you follow our instructions
You will Pass for Sure!

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  • Avatar Ivett Kárándi ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Super helpful. I passed after their cursus 😀
  • Avatar Chukten Kyurtsang ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    I want to say thanks a lot for all of your service! It was amazing……!I really appreciate all of you!🙏
  • Avatar Dan Rod ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    I recommend national theory center and there package it's all you need to pass the Exam and alot of studying, it also offers zoom,one day course practice … More exams ,mock exams it not only prepare you for the exam, but educate you on how to know everything you need when driving, special thanks to miss Sharma and her teaching techniques and all the other staffs very helpful..Just a little extra time and commitment and you definitely will pass !!!!! ..all the best Daniel.
  • Avatar Veronica van den Berg ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Great English course. I started from 0 and never drove before. Within 1 week I passed my theory exam. Big thanks to my teacher Jitse. Course and warm-up … More online session covered all required topics and helped me to pass from the 1 try with really good result! Thank you and keep on doing great job!
  • Avatar Agnes Pingkan Lumowa ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Highly recommended. Shama is such a great teacher - thanks for all the tips and tricks. All of the mock exams are very helpful since their quite similar … More to the real exam. The class is not boring and contain just the right content for you to pass the exam.
  • Avatar Johnny Dalzell ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    My advise is to book the exam asap after doing the course, I did the course on Sunday, online course Monday morning and passed Monday evening, also the … More customer service is excellent

Pass for sure!
Why we have the highest passing rate in The Netherlands:

Did you know more then 50% of the people fail on the first CBR Theory Exam? We built our courses so you can have a quick and easy way to pass the exams at once! 

This is why we have the highest passing rate in The Netherlands and how we make sure you pass the exam:

1) Quality

This one-day theory course includes everything that CBR can ask on the exam! No surprise at the exam. We make sure you have a full understanding of the theory. With the Exam Training on the same day (CBR Warm-up sessoin) we make sure the theory is fresh in your head.

2) Experienced in teaching in English

The theory could be hard to understand if English is not your native language. Our teachers are experienced and familiar with students from all around the world.

Everything we do is in English, as well as our study materials.

3) For sure!

Don’t test yourself at CBR; test yourself at home with our 50 online exams. Did you pass these exams? Then you are sure you will pass the CBR Exam. Did you make some mistakes? Just join an online live theory course via Zoom. This is included for free!

We guarantee success!

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Get ready

You will receive a digital license immediately after you have registered for a course. With this license you have access to 500 practice questions.

After each question, you will immediately be told whether you have answered the question correctly or incorrectly, with a clear and extensive explanation.

Volg auto theorie cursus- Nationaal Theoriecentrum


We know what the CBR can ask during the theory exam. Our experienced teachers share this knowledge with you.

At the beginning of the course you will receive the summary of the theory book, the guide CBR – Getting your driving license and QR-codes to the Mobile Apps.

Toets jezelf auto examen - Nationaal Theoriecentrum


After the course you will know everything! Go to the CBR as soon as possible, or keep repeating your knowledge with the 50 theory exams supplied within the license.

Save time and stress

Take a one day theory course in Rotterdam.

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Pass in One Time

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Highest Success Rate

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Including extra study material

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Less time studying

Frequently asked Questions

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Do you book the theory exam?

No, always book the theory exam yourself via Then you know for sure that you have an exam at the earliest day. It is arranged in a few minutes.

Beware: there are websites that promise a (faster) theory exam. That is not possible. You pay too much, get a theory exam at a different time (much later) than promised or never hear from them again.

Don’t get scammed!
Always book yourself at

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Can you tell me more about the course?

We start at 10AM. The course is divided into eight subjects. There are breaks between the topics. We will be ready around 5:30 PM. There is always coffee and tea available for free.

You will receive additional study material from the theory teacher when you enter the course:

– The summary of the theory book
– Links to mobile apps
– Guide: ‘Get your driver’s license’

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

What is this online license?

The online license gives you access to our online theory platform. This contains 500 practise questions. You can use this before the course. After the course, this license gives you access to 50 exams. If you pass this online exams, you are 100% ready for the CBR Theory Exam.

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